Holly Black’s The Wicked King Cover & Excerpt

Holly Black released her book The Cruel Prince this year on the 2nd of January. Let’s say since then everyone who’s read it has been craving the release of the sequel, The Wicked King.

What better way to torture readers than to release an excerpt when the book is set to release in 2019? I read the excerpt on EW and I’m bringing it here!

But first, the cover!



I’m absolutely in love with this cover! (and I thought The Cruel Prince cover was as good as it could get) and now for the excerpt!


If you haven’t read The Cruel Prince dont read the coming excerpt it could contain spoilers!



The Wicked King Excerpt


We danced once before, at the coronation of Prince Dain. Before the murdering began. Before I took Cardan prisoner at knifepoint. I wonder if he is thinking of it when he spins me around the Milkwood.

He might not be particularly practiced with a blade, but as he promised the hag’s daughter, he’s a skilled dancer. I let him steer me through steps I doubtless would have fumbled. My heart is racing and my skin is slicked with sweat.

Papery moths fly above our heads, circling up as though tragically drawn to the light of the stars.

“Whatever you do to me,” I say, too angry to stay quiet. “I can do worse to you.”

“Oh,” he says, fingers tight on mine. “Do not think I forget that for a moment. You’d never allow it.”

“Then why?” I demand.

“You believe I planned your humiliation?” he laughs. “Me? That sounds like work.”

“I don’t care if you did or not,” I tell him, too angry to make sense of my feelings. “I just care that you enjoyed it.”

“And why shouldn’t I delight to see you squirm? You tricked me,” Cardan says. “You played me for a fool and now I am the King of Fools.”

“The High King of Fools,” I say, sneer in my voice. Our gaze meets and there’s a shock of recognition, of mutual understanding that our bodies are pressed too close. I am conscious of my skin, of the sweat beading on my lip, of the slide of my thighs against one another. I am aware of the warmth of his neck beneath my twined fingers, of the prickly brush of his hair and how I want to sink my hands into it. I inhale the scent of him — moss and oak wood and leather. I stare at his treacherous mouth and imagine it on me.

Everything about this is wrong. Around us, the revel is resuming. Some of the Court glances our way, because some of the Court always looks to the High King, but Locke’s game is at an end.

Go back to the palace, Cardan had said and I’d ignored the warning.

I think of Locke’s expression while Cardan spoke, the eagerness in his face. It wasn’t me he was watching. I wonder for the first time if my humiliation was incidental, the bait to his hook.

Tell us what you think of our Lady.

To my immense relief, at the end of the reel, the musicians pause again, looking to the High King for instructions.

I pull away from him. “I am overcome, your Majesty. I would like your permission to withdraw.”

For a moment, I wonder what I will do if Cardan denies me permission. I have issued many commands, but none about sparing my feelings. My mistake.

“You are free to depart or stay, as you like,” Cardan says magnanimously. “The Queen of Mirth is welcome wheresoever she goes.”

I stumble away from him and out of the revel to lean against a tree, sucking in breaths of cool sea air. My cheeks are hot, my face is burning.

At the edge of the Milkwood, I see waves beating against the black rocks. Then I notice shapes on the sand, as though shadows were moving on their own. I blink again. Not shadows. Selkies, rising from the sea. A score, at least. They cast off their sleek seal skins and raise silver blades.

The Undersea has come to the Hunter’s Moon Revel.


Credit to EW for the excerpt.



The Wicked King by Holly Black to be released on January 8, 2019!

Review Copy: The Story Peddler (The Weaver Trilogy, #1) by Lindsay A. Franklin


Title: The Story Peddler (The Weaver Trilogy, #1)

Author: Lindsay A. Franklin

Genre: Fantasy

Publication date: May 1, 2018





Thank you Netgalley and Gilead Publishing for the review copy!


“Most people’s lives were stories with mysterious endings. Mine was a story with a beginning I could never make sense of. It was like fifty different unrelated strands I couldn’t weave into a solid crystal.”


A story about a girl who weaves stories into crystallized sculptures. This is what caught my attention when I looked this book up. I don’t think I’ve ever heard of a book like this before!
It was a bit slow at first but I was really interested to know what would happen, that I didn’t even notice that I got halfway through the book. It was quite a unique journey and I’m really glad that I got the chance to read it.




Tanwen is our main character here. She’s a story peddler and everything is going her way until treason is revealed through her story strands.  It was really interesting to see the story unfold and develop. I especially loved the characters we met on the way, the weavers. A group of rebels who more or less have something in common. They were very lovable and easy to connect with especially, Mor *Heart eyes*

The story was told from Tanwen’s point of view but a few chapters were about Princess Briath the Kings daughter, and I thoroughly enjoyed her chapters too. The writing was easy to get into and interesting to follow. The names might have been a tiny bit difficult to remember (and pronounce) but after a while I got familiar and used to it.

I’m really looking forward to the next two books in this trilogy, especially with the mysterious way the book ended. Wonderful work!





Harvey’s Dream by Stephen King (Mini Review)

Title: Harvey’s Dream

Author: Stephen King

Genre: Short Story & Horror

Publication date: June 30, 2003




A short story written by the legendary Stephen King. I was pretty excited for the outcome of this one but if I’m honest, it disappointed me. I was expecting a really big reveal but it turned out exactly the way I predicted. I’m sure his other works are amazing but this one just wasn’t for me.


You can read it here.





My Family’s Slave by Alex Tizon (Mini Review)

Title: My Family’s Slave

Author: Alex Tizon

Genre: Memoir & Short Stories

Publication date: June 2017





I cant really remember how or when I came across this story. The same minute I remembered this being on my shelf I started it.

It’s pretty sad to think that a sweet woman like this lived most of her life this way. Far away from her home and her family. Having to do everything and look after everyone, as well as having to endure being yelled and unappreciated. She looked after the author and his siblings and was like a mother to them. Despite everything she went through she still loved them all. The story was brief but touching and I admit I shed a few tears by the end of it.

You can read this story here.





A Death by Stephen King (Mini Review)


Title: A Death

Author: Stephen King

Genre: Short Story & Mystery

Publication date: March 9, 2015





I couldn’t help thinking about this scene while reading the book


I havent read any Stephen King books except for The Boogeyman which was also a short story. I decided to familiarize myself with his short works first before diving in. I was expecting this to be a horror story but turns out its the kind of story that messes with your mind. I felt like the ending was open for me to interpret what happened. It was a quick read and I think everyone should give it a try.


You can read the story here.





ARC Review: Pillow Thoughts II: Healing the Heart by Courtney Peppernell


Title: Pillow Thoughts II: Healing the Heart

Author: Courtney Peppernell

Genre: Poetry

Publication date: August 7, 2018





Thank you Netgalley and Andrews McMeel publishing for providing me with an ARC of this book in exchange for an honest review.


You have every right to love your solitude
Being alone doesn’t always mean you are lonely


Another wonderful poetry book! This was the first book I read by Courtney Peppernell and I loved it! I could relate to a lot of the poems that she wrote. Poems about love and hope and healing. I can’t wait for everyone to read this when it’s released!





Bright Minds Empty Souls by Jennae Cecilia

Title: Bright Minds Empty Souls

Author: Jennae Cecilia

Genre: Poetry

Publication date: April 18, 2016






“Don’t settle. Be with someone who wants to hold you hand, and give you forehead kisses. Someone who will drive long distances just to spend a few hours with you. Don’t settle. Be with someone who will make you feel loved 365 days. Someone who says, “us” and not, “me” when speaking of future plans. Don’t settle. You’re better than that.”


I’ve started to love poetry but I noticed that I don’t usually rate any higher than 3 stars. This one was a 3 star read. Some poems I related to and they felt really close to me. The poems were pretty simple and short but held meaning. Some poems didn’t get through to me but naturally, not all of them will.