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Good day Perkies!

Today’s post is going to be a tag! say hello to the writing tag. I’ll be sharing some tiny facts and advice with you guys. So I hope this is useful and that I don’t bore you too much 🙊


  • Genres:

Well Ive only just started writing but everyone who knows me understands the obsession i have with fantasy 😍 so many different stories have been forming in my head (mostly at 3 am while im trying to sleep) But even though im a sleep deprived lady Ive never regretted it once (okay maybe that one time but it WAS one time). Most of my stories are fantasy/YA based but im also planning on writing a steampunk, Victorian type story so we shall see how that turns out.

  • Styles:

There are 2 styles that I love:

-First person narration: Because I love feeling like I am the story and that im slightly badass and not just an almost 20 year old who studies psychology for a living.

-Third person narration: Sometimes I feel like its easier to write this way but i suppose i switch every once in a while.

  • Topics:

Well….get ready for an overload of topics. BUT these are not all in one book so we can all relax now.

  1.   Vampires, Witches & Warlocks, Faeries, Werewolves, and my own personal twist Foxes.
  2. Rival kingdoms.
  3. A legendary and lost queen.
  4. Fae warriors.
  5. Badass ladies.
  6. A million powers all in one little person.
  8. Mermaids and the like.
  9. Dark fantasy and wit.
  10. A banshee who’s part of a choir.
  11. 99.9% Magic.
  12. Attractive males.

That should satisfy your hungry hearts for a while *twirls to the next question*


A year maybe? i write bits and pieces here and there, nothing actually complete. I start writing for one of my series but stopped because i changed so many ideas. Now its just sitting there weeping in one of my folders. I did write a short story though for a competition and i got 2nd place! 😁 im very proud of that little piece of work and got amazing comments from amazing people on bookstagram + mom and grandma!

Click here to read the short story!



It bring me joy. I just love the thought of my characters being as real to readers as they are in my own little head. Ive also realized why authors love to torture us readers. The moment i come up with some shocking plot twist i automatically feel satisfaction i swear one day I’ll probably be drinking your tears in my mug for breakfast.


For me the best time is either early in the morning when everyone is asleep or at night when everyone is busy doing their own thing. I like to write in peace and quiet and far away from the world as possible. Why would you want your family to see you sobbing, shrieking and yelling at fictional characters?



  1. That moment when you get the most brilliant idea just by staring at a wall.
  2. The way the words just seem to flow.
  3. When all the sleepless night pay off and you’ve got the best plot put together.
  4. When you get the most positive comments from people ❤️
  5. Creating characters that are simply 👌🏽


  1. Sleepless nights filled with overthinking and no ideas whatsoever.
  2. Not being able to give a character the name they deserve.
  3. When an idea seems brilliant the night before and then you wake up and just think what the actual hell?


I sit on pinterest the entire day just staring at all the art and fantasy story ideas along with some inspirational quotes and BAM it hits me eventually. Another method is watching tv. i binge a bunch of series and sometimes that helps my brain function again. Also reading!


Summer is just around the corner and Ive vowed to write my first novel during that time. I haven’t figured out a title yet but it will come to me eventually. My characters are waiting for me to start bringing them to life and i couldn’t be more excited!


  1. Write my first novel.
  2. Edit it and have it ready for future publishing.
  3. To start writing the series that started it all.

That was fun!

If anyone is interested in doing this tag please feel free to.

Goodnight for now.




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The art of name picking for characters + Lists with potential names!

unnamed141.jpgHello hello Perkies!

Today’s post is about all the different ways you could name your characters. Personally i like to let my characters pick. Am i crazy? the answer is a definite yes. Do i really use this? Absolutely!

Here are some ways you can come up with or pick names for your book characters:

  1. By meaning: now most people dislike this method because, why would you name your main character something that means good, and your villain something that means bad? I understand where they’re coming from, i mean imagine looking up the characters name and being slapped in the face and gasping HE’S EVIL ISN’T HE! but I’ll tell you something. What if….you swapped? the readers might think they’ve got it right but, they’ve actually gotten it all wrong. 😈
  2. Let your character pick!: Yes i know it sounds crazy but, I’ll tell you how this works for me. I usually pick a bunch of  names and then pretend my character is in front of me. Then i like to think to myself “if i said this name out loud would they turn around?” most of the time i get a name using this one.
  3. Unique names: As fangirls we love books that break our hearts and names we cant pronounce! so why not pick a name where the fandom will never be able to say it without mumbling and still love it anyways!
  4. Personality wise: you can always find a name that has a meaning that describes you character. for example names that mean creative, brave, loyal, aloof, artsy etc.
  5. Mash them up!: have two names and you don’t know which one to pick? if its possible to make a new name close to both, then do it!
  6. Surnames: some surnames can work as first names as well.


Now to the part you’ve all been waiting for *drum roll* the list of names!

  • The Classics:
  1. Alexander
  2. Charles
  3. George
  4. William
  5. Thomas
  6. Adam
  7. Arthur
  8. Daniel
  9. Jonathan
  10. Matthew
  11. Nicholas
  12. Julian
  13. Henry
  14. Emma
  15. Isabel
  16. Margaret
  17. Katherine
  18. Mary
  19. Elizabeth
  20. Charlotte
  21. Olivia
  22. Helen
  23. Rebecca
  24. Victoria
  25. Sophia
  26. Irene

  • Names ending in – Ley:
  1. Ashley
  2. Hailey
  3. Annesley
  4. Huxley
  5. Wesley
  6. Berekeley

  • Names that mean beautiful:
  1. Belinda
  2. Mei
  3. Rosalind
  4. Callista
  5. Amara
  6. Zaina
  7. Belle

  • Names that mean happy:
  1. Asher
  2. Farah
  3. Merry
  4. Naomi
  5. Gil
  6. Felix
  7. Felicity
  8. Ilaria
  9. Fane

  • Flower names:
  1. Acacia
  2. Blossom
  3. Daisy
  4. Jasmine
  5. Lilac
  6. Poppy
  7. Amaryllis
  8. Clover
  9. Iris
  10. Tulip
  11. Fleur
  12. Lavender
  13. Ivy
  14. Primrose
  15. Azalea
  16. Dahlia
  17. Flora
  18. Rose
  19. Orchid
  20. Violet

  • Names for potential warriors:
  1. Bellatrix
  2. Alexandra
  3. Regina
  4. Tempest
  5. Argus
  6. Camilla
  7. Cass
  8. Cass
  9. Corin
  10. Eloise
  11. Garvin
  12. Harbin
  13. Heloise
  14. Kane
  15. Kasper
  16. Maeve
  17. Orval
  18. Paige
  19. Sloan
  20. Sloan
  21. Warner
  22. Xandra
  23. Xenia

Those are all the ones i can muster today.

Ill be doing another post soon with more names. If you’re interested in more names i suggest going to these three sites:




Au Revoir for now!


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The Heart Of A Beast

I won second place with this short story in a writing competition that was held at my university so i thought id share it with all of you!

This is based on two original characters that i made. This story has many many many things missing since i could only submit 2 pages for the competition but, i will be turning this idea into a novel this summer with a bunch of plot twists and your average cup of pain! also the title will change.

Do let me know what you think since this was my first attempt at writing  😊

It had been years since she had last seen him, and even from the corner of her eye she could tell that he was watching her. The memories began to spring back to life in her mind as vivid as they were the first time around. Her surroundings began to take a different mold. What was a pavement occupied by bustling people just seconds ago, became a cobble stoned walkway surrounded by walls of jagged stone. Hushed whispers and the agonizing clang of chains against uneven, spiked rocks were all she heard for months, and all she heard months after she was free. She walked the path she remembered so well, following the strained and pained voices. Each stride over the smooth, rounded stone sent tremors  like an earthquake shooting up from the balls of her feet to the entirety of her body. It took all her will power to move forward, to remind herself that it was over, that she had made it out and would never be sent back Into that abyss again.

In all her years living in her poor village never did she think she would one day be labeled as a slave. There was nothing her village had to show for other than the sea port that though, had little business, was enough to keep the village people alive and well until the next week came around with more goods. The villagers were kind hearted people who shared everything they owned with one another despite their poor living conditions. Houses were run down and poorly made, always needing to be patched up from one side or the other. But she could have sworn up and down that they were the happiest people alive. But the second the gates to the village were brought down she knew her life would never be the same again. Fire and smoke engulfed the small houses. Villagers were killed in the crossfire. Even the sea was littered with bodies, the blood spreading across the water. What was her home and only refuge, gone.

She was dragged along with whoever was left from the village into a dark hollowed mine that existed just north of the small town she lived in. According to her captors the mine had enough riches to build an entire city out of nothing. Enough to have kept them all in a far more better condition than the way they were living. She was forced to work in the mines alongside, children and adults capable and incapable. Even the elderly were required to work unless the guards were in a merciful mood, which was hardly ever the case. For months she endured cold sleepless nights, blistered and bleeding fingers, and deep rumbling growls of hunger. She had no hope of leaving the mines. She had seen what happened to those who attempted to flee, and she was in no mood to be beheaded or skinned and later left for the hell hounds that they had chained up in the deeper parts of the mines to be chewed up.

Her biggest mistake and her best was made the day she witnessed the guards beating up an elderly man. His face contorted with pain. Blood spilling out of every gash, old and new. His cries for help rang out but, no one dared to step a foot out of line. Everything happened in a haze. Her fingers were locked around the handle of an axe she didn’t remember picking up, what used to be dirt and sweat coating the front of her dress turned to blood, and the horror on the faces of the men surrounding her became even more evident the moment she decided to give the axe a new home, in the back of one of the attackers. All she remembered after that was loud, angry voices shouting things she couldn’t make out, and a strong blow to the head that left her vision blurry, seeing everything sideways. Then it went dark.

She woke up in a gray stoned cell, with numb wrists bound together by thick, scratchy rope, and beady-eyes watching her every breath from a small opening in the stone doorway. Eventually, they removed her binds and gave her one meal each day. The so called meal consisted of stale bread and murky water that was passed off as soup.

For days she plotted her escape. When the guards came in with her meal the next night is when she decided it was time she executed it. She lay down on the cold ground, unmoving, pretending to be on the brink of death. the second guard was foolish enough to bend down next to her. And then she got up quick, and landed a punch to the side of his face. He staggered back slightly and she lunged for his sword. The first guard was a bit off. He just stared at her. His eyes hardly visible under his hood, not bothering to lend a hand to his companion. When she emerged with the sword shakily In her hands she prepared herself to deliver the blow, to get ready for the spray of blood but, when she opened her eyes her hands were still in place, and the second guard had killed her target for her. She backed up against the wall. The sword raised between her and the hooded figure. His appearance took another form. The form of a monster. The form of a bat-like creature with talons at the ends of what used to be human fingers. In one swift movement he had her tucked under his wings, and had thrown his body with brute force into the glass window. She felt glass splinters against what was exposed of her body, and saw the ground beneath her. The ground he was headed straight towards. The moment they had hit solid ground her first instinct was to stab the beast but, even now when blood trickled from his chest between his talons she saw no malice or hatred in his deep blue slit eyes. That look never left her. She’d always remember the day she was saved by a monster. A monster who had helped free her and her people. The day the beauty had met the beast. The beast that wasn’t a beast at all.


If you’ve read this thank you so much!

im hoping to improve so many things when i begin writing the novel.

bye bye for now ❤️


Q&A Session!


Welcome to my Blog! *Flails & throws confetti*

*clears throat* well wasn’t that a lovely way to welcome you all. Ive finally decided to stop drooling over all the lovely book blogs, and make my own. For those of you who don’t know me my name is Noura! *waves*

On this post I’ll be answering some questions that i got from my lovely bookstagram friends, and some that i got a while back. so, lets begin!

If you ask anyone on bookstagram about this their immediate answer will be The Mortal Instruments. I had read books before TMI but somehow this series has always stuck with me, even now and its been almost 5 or 6 years since i read them.

It all started with The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins. I remember loving this series so much. I read when i was younger but i never really invested much time into it as i do today. I started reading Divergent by Veronica Roth closely after to help fill the sad soul the hunger games had left me. Then i went on to The Mortal Instruments & The Infernal Devices, and the rest is history.

Cassandra Clare. She has been my favorite author for years and im sure she always will be. I remember getting this passion for writing after reading her books. I got myself to email her after hours of pondering about her influence on me and all the memories her books created for me and if she had any writing tips. I woke up one morning to find she had emailed me back *screams from nostalgia*. That was and forever will be my most cherished moment.

  • If you could swap lives with one character in any book who would it be? ( @wannabefiction )

FEYRE! I know i need to calm down BUT who wouldn’t? okay, she went though a lot of pain and hardship, and i can assure you id die the moment i stepped into that world *falls down the first step of stairs* but she became so strong and so admirable. Plus imagine being surrounded by Illyrian males  😍

  • Who do you find the most interesting in a story? The hero or the villain? ( @spineandtale )

If i was still 14 id probably say the hero but, im not 14 anymore am i? the books these days add as much depth to the villain as they do to the story and im a huge fan of those especially the villain turned good guy kind of books.

  • Have you read TRC? If so, who is your favorite character? ( @anaperzz )

Sadly i haven’t yet but im definitely planning on buying it soon!

  • What got you into reading? Was it a special book? ( @dementorbooks )

The Hunger Games started it but The Mortal Instruments and The Infernal Devices are the books that kept me reading. To me they’re special books because they created the best memories between me, my school besties and cousins and to this day they still do.

Haha well im the queen of reading slumps so im not sure you’d like an answer from me. If we’re talking serious though this is what i do:

  1. Make deadlines: I pick a book and vow that i will finish it by the end of a certain date doesn’t always work for me because im the queen of procrastinating 👑 but, its worked for some.
  2. BUY. MORE. BOOKS: Ive found that a good trip to the bookstore seriously boosts the reading spirit.
  3. Light reads: despite my fantasy obsession sometimes im just not in the mood. This is where a light read comes in, pick something funny and short and make your way through that.
  4. Audiobooks: i personally have never tried this but, Ive heard it help by many especially if you don’t have the time to pick up a book.
  5. Buddy reading: Ive done this a few time and surprisingly it works. There is nothing like screaming with book buddy!

Hope that helps!

  • If you had to choose only three characters from all of Cassandra Clare’s books, who would you choose? ( @eramreads )

Why would you ask me this? *cries* seeming as Cassandra Clare’s books are my existence, and i may or may not be part of a Cassandra Clare cult i shall begrudgingly answer this question with: Will Herondale, Julian Blackthrorn and Alec Lightwood. Of course you can never take one without their other half (including parabatai) so i officially win at life! *victory dance* 😌💃🏽

Oooh lets see, Ive looked up to many bookstagrammers who not only have the most gorgeous accounts but are also the sweetest people Ive spoken to, and that includes (in no particular order):

  1. Cait @paperfury
  2. Ivy @iby.booknerd
  3. Vic @bibliotrix.lestrange
  4. Mariana @bookisglee
  5. Mai @bookish_mai
  6. Jessica @wannabefiction
  7. Eden @eden.hammond

And soooooo many others!

I have 2 words for that question: Character Development. Its the main thing that i look for in a character. I love it when im introduced to a character and they’re all adorable and bitter, and then throughout the book(s) they become passionate and protective and caring and even more adorable!

  • What is your favorite historical era? do any of them inspire you somehow or you get your ideas from different sources? ( @theministryofpages )

Ahh i love this question! I might have a slight obsession with the Victorian era and the mythological time period(s). The Victorian era just always seemed like a beautiful time to be, and the mythological periods just have so many interesting stories (greek and roman mythology, etc). It should be interesting to write a few stories that are set in those time frames. As for ideas, i mix and mash. Some ideas have more of an imaginary feel while others tend to be tied to history a tiny bit.

  • Top ten books everyone should read at least once? ( @meredith.mara )

*Wriggles fingers* Here we go!

  1. The Infernal Devices by Cassandra Clare
  2. Percy Jackson series by Rick Riordan
  3. Shatter Me by Tahereh Mafi
  4. We were liars by E. Lockhart
  5. Harry Potter by J.K. Rowling
  6. A Court Of Thorns and Roses series by Sarah J. Maas
  7. Hush Hush by Becca Fitzpatrick
  8. Vampire Academy by Richelle Mead
  9. The Wrath and The Dawn by Renee Ahdieh

  • Would it be interesting to read a book purely from the villains perspective? And do you enjoy references to of real things in books? ( @fandom101world )

I would be the first one at the bookstore if someone published a book from the villains perspective. It would be so interesting to read that and to see what they’re thinking and how they’re thinking *waits patiently for a book like this*. As for your second question the answer is yes. I love all those real life and history  moments i think it adds so much to the story.

  • How much do you love Manon Blackbeak on a scale from 1 to you’d thank her for slitting your throat? ( @queenmanonn )

If someone else had asked me this question i would have been freaked out but since its you Amber this seems highly normal. Since i haven’t met her yet i would say 0 but with all the Manon fan art going around id happily go with the slitting throat option.

I must admit that getting me to read a different genre takes a lot of kicking and screaming on my end. but i plan on changing that this year as i have a list of books id like to read and i would happily review them!

Phew im done!

that was longer than i expected but i enjoyed it halfheartedly.

Thank you all for the questions i really appreciate you taking the time to ask them.

My next post will most probably be about writing so stay tuned for that!

*twirls away*