Coraline by Neil Gaiman



Title: Coraline

Author: Neil Gaiman

Genre: Middle grade, Young Adult & Horror

Publishing date:  February 24, 2002


Book Depository




“Coraline discovered the door a little while after they moved into the house. . . .”


I decided that if I was going to read any book by Neil Gaiman why not start with the one that gave me the creeps.

I remember watching Coraline for the first time and yelling at her every time she decided to go through that little creepy door. Personally, if I went in there and met my “other mother” with button eyes I would blow up the entire house and move to a different continent.

Coraline was adventurous and she did everything that a reader would want a protagonist to do. From rats that give you goosebumps, a disembodied hand and parents who want to replace your eyes with buttons this book was as creepy as I knew it would be.


“We… we could be friends, you know,” said Coraline.
“We COULD be rare specimens of an exotic breed of African dancing elephants,” said the cat. “But we’re not. At least,” it added cattily, after darting a brief look at Coraline, “I’M not.”


I just had to bring in the talking cat somewhere.

The book is short and can be read in one sitting if you like creepy crawly type books then this one is definitely worth a try.






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