March Wrap up (2018)


February’s reading list consisted of 9 books which was a tad bit low considering the 20 books I read in the month before that. So I upped it in March from 9 to 11 books. Which isn’t bad. Especially, with university classes and work.

Simple statistics of my month in books:

Books Read: 11

Pages Read: 2,950

Favorite Read of the Month: Harry Potter & the Deathly Hallows

Least Favorite Read of the Month: My Hiroshima

Number of 5 Star Reads: 8

Number of 4 Star Reads: 1

Number of 3 Star Reads: 1

Number of 2 Star Reads: 0

Number of 1 Star Reads: 0



Image result for the evil we love bookImage result for pale kings and princes bookImage result for my hiroshima bookImage result for deathly hallows book



Image result for cursed child bookImage result for heart berries bookImage result for adulthood is a myth bookImage result for the titans curse book



Image result for battle of the labyrinth bookImage result for last olympian bookImage result for the lost hero book



March was one hell of  a month. I read the last 3 books in the Percy Jackson series one after the other. Should I have left some space in between each book? maybe, but I still really really enjoyed them!

My Hiroshima is left without a rating because all though it’s considered a children’s book with illustrations and all,  it was still pretty painful and I personally, preferred not rating it.



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