June Wrap up (2018)


June was a wonderful month. I didn’t read many books but I did read really good ones, and that’s the best thing! The first few books weren’t the greatest but then the last five books or so made June the most interesting month.

Simple statistics of my month in books:

Books Read: 19

Pages Read: 3,589

Favorite Read of the Month: The Cruel Prince and The Wicked King

Least Favorite Read of the Month: Love Poems

ARC: 7

Number of 5 Star Reads: 4

Number of 4 Star Reads: 4

Number of 3 Star Reads: 8

Number of 2 Star Reads: 2

Number of 1 Star Reads: 1

And now moving onto the books that I read!




📖 ARCs

📚 Paperback

📄 Ebook


Image result for sister entrance emtithal  bookImage result for if all the world  bookImage result for 21 ways to a happier bookImage result for love poems pablo book



Image result for harveys dream bookImage result for my family's slave book



Image result for quran cover



Related imageImage result for the lion the witch bookImage result for power to the princess bookImage result for pillow thoughts ii book



Image result for giant days 1 bookImage result for the cruel prince bookImage result for the story peddler bookImage result for the witch doesnt burn book



Image result for the wicked king bookImage result for painting garden in graves bookImage result for six of crows book



I read The Cruel Prince in June and I just had to request book two! I received The Wicked King ARC from the publishers the day I requested it! By far my favorite book of the year! I was going to take my time with it but I ended up finishing it in 4 days which I might be regretting.

I delayed reading Six of Crows and I regret not reading it sooner. It was amazing and I look forward to picking up Crooked Kingdom!

The Story Peddler was given to me to review, and the story was so unique and wonderful!




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2 thoughts on “June Wrap up (2018)

    • theperksofbeingnourablog says:

      TCP was amazing! You can request through Edelweiss.plus head over to my bookstagram @/theperksofbeingnoura I made a highlight that will explain where and how to request arc’s. If You have any questions you can DM me 😊


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