ARC Review: Hole in the Middle by Kendra Fortmeyer

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Hole in the Middle

Author: Kendra Fortmeyer // Published: September 4, 2018



Morgan Stone was born with a hole in her middle: a perfectly smooth, sealed, fist-sized chunk of nothing near her belly button. After seventeen years of hiding behind lumpy sweaters and a smart mouth, she’s fed up with keeping her secret. On the dance floor one night, she decides to bare all.

At first she feels liberated . . . until a few online photos snowball into a media frenzy. Now Morgan is desperate to return to her own strange version of normal—when only her doctors, her divorced parents, and her best friend, Caro, knew the truth. But tragically Morgan’s newfound openness and Internet celebrity seem to push those closest to her further and further away.

Then a new doctor appears with a boy who may be both Morgan’s cure and her destiny. What happens when you meet the person who is—literally—your perfect match? Is being whole really all it’s cracked up to be?




Thank you Soho Teen for sending a review copy in exchange for an honest review.

ARC given through the The Nerd Daily


“It’s weird how much time you spent hiding, when all you really wanted was to be seen.”


I really wish I hadn’t started this book at the wrong time. I had a few things going on a few months ago, and I’m going to try and write the best review I possibly can.

Hole in the Middle caught my interest the moment I read the synopsis. It just seemed like a story that was going to be uplifting, and so I requested it. I haven’t read many contemporary books and so it took a while for me to get into it. The beginning was slow but I have some important things to discuss, and that Isn’t one of them.

Kendra Fortmeyer really weaved a story of self acceptance. The book might have been a little slow for me. That’s the truth. But I feel the need to thank the author with all my heart for writing a story like this. If there’s something this book taught me, it’s that we all have our own hole. It might not be in our middle like Morgan’s, but we all have one somewhere. Physical or otherwise.

I was really intrigued to see where the story was going. I wanted to know all the ways that Morgan was going to deal with people’s criticism and mean comments. A story about body image, self love and friendship. Caroline proved to be quite a wonderful best friend. Always spreading the positivity and embracing and loving herself entirely. Morgan battled a lot throughout this book. Between feeling defeated and getting back up and showing the world who she truly is. Howie was one of those really sweet characters who always accept people and are always giving second chances. Morgan’s mom was my least favorite character in the book. We got to know a little bit about why she is the way she is, and I guess we’ll have to settle for that. There were also plenty of funny moments which I especially liked. The story is incredibly different from most contemporary books that you see on bookstore shelves. I feel like by the end of this read everyone will have found a way to relate to the main idea of the book. It sent a positive message to me, and I hope it’ll send a positive one to other readers too.

In a way I’m satisfied with the way the book ended. I felt a strange feeling of happiness. Regardless of how I felt in the beginning I would still recommend this book. The story is just too lovely to miss out on.



About The Author



Kendra Fortmeyer grew up in the lush woods of North Carolina, surrounded by piles of books. She got the idea for her magical realist YA debut novel, HOLE IN THE MIDDLE, after a mediocre date, and also after her left lung unexpectedly collapsed. On a related note, she would like you to know that your body is spectacular and if anyone tells you otherwise, you may kick them in the teeth. Future mermaid, aspiring feminist folk hero, perpetual magical realist. Currently feeling all of the feels, and believing in you.




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6 thoughts on “ARC Review: Hole in the Middle by Kendra Fortmeyer

  1. I’ve never heard of this book before, I’ll have to check it out, buuut I’m pretty much done with contemporary for this year because I only ever really read them in spring and summer time, I’m much more of a fantasy girl tbh, lovely post (and I also love your header divider thingies) ❤️❤️


  2. I’m not sure this book quite sounds like my kind of thing, but I liked your review.

    I think I’m confused on one point, primarily. The hole, is it a fantastical version like a literal hole or is it based on a medical condition that one might find in the real world where someone needs a device to cover it up? I’m not sure what that’s called in real life, honestly, but I feel like that distinction would need to be made in the course of the story.


    • Yeah I wasn’t sure if I’d like it when I started it. I didn’t like it until I reached more to the end. It’s a medical condition that the character has to deal with her whole life. She goes to hospitals and through examinations and all that.

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      • Sort of, in the realistic, might need a feeding tube or plug/some kind of medical device sense. I’m not sure what it’s called. In any case, that means it’s a realistic book, not a fantasy take? I wasn’t sure at first. ^^;


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