Blog Tour: To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before Read along + Movie Party // Book Vs. Movie!


Welcome to my To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before blog tour!

For September I wanted something especially special, and I decided that this book deserved a read and the movie deserved a rewatch.

I managed to finish TATBILB book yesterday (Adored it!) and today I had a movie party with my little sister and my best friend!

Book Review, Here // Movie Review, Here


Book Vs. Movie


So I literally just finished watching To all the boys for the second time. And I finished reading the book yesterday. As much as I loved both there were some differences.

Spoilers if you haven’t read or watched To All the Boys. (Some spoilers for P.S. I Still Love You)


❋ The reasons the letters were sent

In the movie Kitty sends the letters to help Lara Jean find a boyfriend. In the books Kitty sent them to get revenge on Lara Jean. When Lara Jean was going to tell Josh about the crush Kitty has on him.

❋ The meeting

In the movie Lara Jean and Peter start talking after she almost runs him over at school. In the book Lara Jean has some car issues and is found by Peter on the side of the road.

❋ Receiving the letters

In the movie Lara Jean is confronted by Peter, Josh and Lucas around the same time. In the book the confrontation was a lot more spaced out.


❋ How old is Kitty?

Well in the movie Kitty is eleven years old. In the book shes actually nine! I suppose they wanted her to be a bit older so she could be closer to her older sisters? Just an assumption.

❋ The ending?

The movie gave fans a satisfying end with hope for a sequel. The book on the other hand, ripped out what was remaining of my heart. Lara Jean and Peter break up and you need to read P.S. I Still Love You to find out what happens next.

❋ It starts with a letter and ends with a letter

While the first book ends with a letter opening, (I screamed) the second book starts with the continuation of said letter. (What would we do if we had to wait for the second book?!)


❋ The Halloween scene!

Oh how I wish they included this scene in the movie! Lara Jean dressing up as Cho Chang (All the Harry Potter hype!) and Peter K. dressing up as Spider-man! The scene was so cute. Especially when Peter ran after Lara Jean in the halls.

❋ Does Peter really take the last piece of Pizza?

In the letter that Lara Jean writes to Peter, she mentions how he takes the last slice of pizza without asking if anyone else wants it. This makes him a bit upset and therefore, asks Lara Jean if she wants the last rice ball. (Awh!)

❋ Jamie Fox Pickle!

In the movie Kitty asks for a dog but never gets one. In the books Kitty finally gets a dog on Christmas. How I wish we got to see Jamie Fox Pickle!


Overall, I really enjoyed the movie. The book clearly had more scenes and details that were a bit much for the movie to squeeze in. Both were equally amazing. I loved that the book had more info and little details. The movie brought to life the scenes that I loved.


Movie Party

We tried to make the movie party as extravagant as possible.

Here’s what we made:

Chocolate cupcakes with pink frosting and sprinkles.

Chocolate and Vanilla Milkshakes with sprinkles on the rim of the glass.

Popcorn (Ofcourse!)

Chocolate covered marshmallows

Need Pictures? Take a look!





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14 thoughts on “Blog Tour: To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before Read along + Movie Party // Book Vs. Movie!

  1. 😍😍 That looks so awesome, can I please go to one of your movie parties? 😂 I loved both the movie and the book too, and this is such a neat comparison. Can’t wait to read Ps. I Still Love You!


  2. I loved the movie but haven’t read the book. All your snacks looked so good. My go to snack is potato chips and dip but after seeing the pics I suddenly want milkshakes 😀


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