Harry Potter Read Along 2019: #Potterheadreadalong19


Welcome Wizards & Witches to the Harry Potter Read Along for the year 2019!

I have been so excited to share this read along with all of you. Harry Potter has been the dearest thing to me ever since I was little. Feeling nostalgic is always bound to happen and I guess it’s about time we go back home to Hogwarts.

Here are some guidelines and dates.

There will also be a sign up link below if you’re interested in joining!






As you can see in the image above we will take a month to read each book. This is mainly for us to all read a certain amount of chapters (To be announced) while enjoying the books and not stressing ourselves out.


  • Just because you signed up for the read along doesn’t mean that you have to read every book with us if you don’t want to.
  • You can join whenever you want even if we are several books ahead. The link will be open until the end of July.
  • We will have a read along and moviethon! You can choose to do one of them or join both!

Everytime we finish reading a book we will watch the movie during the same month. By signing up you also choose your House! When joining a house you’re able to earn points. A form will be open for you to update your house points on or you can email me all the points at the end of each month. How can you earn points? read below!




Earning House Points:
  • Answering quizzes correctly and joining discussions will earn you 5 points.
  • Pictures taken for the #Potterheadreadalong19 will earn you 5 points.
  •  Reviewing a Harry Potter book for the read along will earn you 5 points.
  • Sharing the read along tweet will earn you 5 points.
  • Completing a Harry Potter book will earn you 10 points.
  • Each Harry Potter movie you watch will earn you 3 points.

The discussions and quizzes will be on Twitter. If you follow me on Twitter please do DM me so I can add you to the group. I’ll be opening discussion forums on Goodreads as well. You can follow my book club here. There will also be printable bookmark giveaways, games, and so many other fun activities. You can share the challenge on your blogs if you’d like to. Whether it’s a reread or your first time I really hope you consider joining.


Sign up form here!



phonto (10)

If you have any questions feel free to ask!

26 thoughts on “Harry Potter Read Along 2019: #Potterheadreadalong19

  1. I had planned to re-read (and finish up with the rest of the books) all of Harry Potter this year and so I was thrilled to see this! A social way to do the read-through, yes please!!! I’m signing up now.

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  2. […] and Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets are part of my book club reads. HP is also for my Harry Potter read along. It’s been an entire year since I’ve read anything set in the ACOTAR world and so A […]


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