Harry Potter Board Game Reading Challenge 2019

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Every year I create my own reading challenges. Mostly because I know what genres/books I’d like to tackle, and I like to spice things up a little bit.

This year I’ve created about 3. One has similar categories to the Harry Potter one I’m about to show you. The difference is that this one is the most unique one yet.

Say hello to my Harry Potter Board Game Reading Challenge!


You can find below images of the challenge, plus a PDF file for you to download the entire thing!












The longest reading challenge you’ve probably ever seen, I know.

But it’s meant to be used throughout the whole year. And completing every single categoy is not necessary. I mean it.



  • Level 1: Required Hogwarts equipment

Points: 1 point for each

  • Level 2: Choose your house!

Points: 10 points for your house

  • Level 3: Courses

Points: 5 points for each course completed

  • Level 4: Electives

Points: 5 points for each main elective. 3 points for each of the sub courses (Astrology, Cartomancy, and dream interpretations)

  • Level 5: Triwizard tournament

Points: 10 points for each category

  • Level 6 and 7

Points: 10 points for each category



How to play:

  1. For level one complete as many categories as you want.
  2. For level two complete 1 category.
  3. For level three complete as many categories as you want.
  4. For level four complete the categories (minimum 2)
  5. For level five, six and seven use a dice to make your move. When you’ve done at least 7 blocks move on to the next board.
  6. On the next board also use the dice for moves. If you come to a point where you can only go sideways choose which way you want to go. Same goes for up and down. When you’ve completed 9 blocks move on to the next board. This same rule applies to the last board.
  7. When you’ve completed 13 blocks on the last board you may play again on the previous levels (Five, six and seven) avoiding the ones you already did. Or reading another book in that category. Depends on you.
  8. If you don’t want to play it as a board game then just use it like a check list!




(O) Outstanding: 644 – 323 points

(E) Exceeds Expectations: 322-160 points

(A) Acceptable: 161 and Below points

Total points 644


Board Link

Planning to share on social media? use the hashtag #HPboardgamechallenge

I really hope you enjoy this challenge as much as I enjoyed making it.



phonto (10)

Will you be joining?

55 thoughts on “Harry Potter Board Game Reading Challenge 2019

  1. Sounds interesting and I will read your posts. As for participating, it will take too much of my time. I will be reading the Harry Potter books along with you though 🙂

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  2. this looks amazing!! i’d like to join but i’m having trouble understanding how this works (maybe bc i don’t play boardgames? idk). I get the first few levels but once you get to 5 i get a bit lost. how does the board run? since you mentioned dice i figure you count spaces clockwise but do you just keep going around in a circle? what about when you’re ready to go to the next level? do you just jump to level 6 or do you need to land on HP: Chosen One to move down? how do levels 6 to 7 work in terms of moving around them? and what do some categories like HP: Chosen One and House: Based on your House mean? (in terms of the type of book we should be choosing). also, do you have suggestions for books (character) would read? i’ve never read the hp series so i don’t really know the characters

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    • Thanks! I’ll explain as best I can. For board five you play it with a dice and to move on to the next board (number 6) you need to have completed at least 7 blocks. Of course you can choose to do every single one if you want but for those interested in playing it like a game this is how it will go. When you’re done with 7 blocks of board five you move on to board six and complete 9 to move on to board seven. You move on to the next board the moment you’re done with the assigned block number. You start on the next board with the first block at the top (example on level six you start with Newt Scamander. And on Level seven you start with Philosophers stone. So, when it comes to how to move on six and seven. You’ll start with the block mentioned above and you’ll roll your dice. Lets say it gives you 4. so you start with Newt Scamander and you can either move down 3 and then 1 to the right (so you land on Fantastic Beasts) or you can move down one and then move to 3 to the right (so you land on fantastic beasts 3). You can move around however you want. If you get 2 on a dice you can move to extendable ears and then move left to Cursed Child. If you hit a dead end you can do the block you landed on and then go back a few spaces and move the rest of the dice (I hope all that made sense). HP: Chosen one means pick a book where the main character is a chosen one or is destined to do something great (Example: Percy Jackson, Throne of Glass, The hunger games, etc.) you can find lists for almost anything on Goodreads too. House: Based on your house is you can pick a book that you think matches you hogwarts house (example: Gryffindors are brave so you can pick a book with a brave character. Ravenclaws are creative so you can pick a book with a creative plot.). As for characters if you look up lets say a book hermione would read you can find a lot of fun lists with book recs. For Hermione maybe the body in the library by Agatha Christie or maybe A Wrinkle in Time. For Harry you can pick a book from the chosen one category too. For Newt you could read Fantastic Beasts or anything that could have animals. I really hope this helped (I know it’s really long) If you need anything else or are stuck on some categories feel free to ask me about them!

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  3. ME!! Even though I’m already doing one year long reading challenge next year, I’m going to find a way to fit those books into this challenge. 😂

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  4. What å wonderful and cool reading challenge! Absolutely love it! Took me some days to think it through, but: will it be ok for you if I make prints of this and hand out at the Harry Potter Book Night? (feb. 6th) I am a book store manager, and we’re planning an event at our book store (Gravdahl book store, Lillehammer, Norway!). I will obviously tell every one who created this masterpiece, if it’s ok with you, that is.

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  5. […] As some of you may know, I’m a reading challenge/readathon fanatic. Don’t think it’s a surprise that I’m joining yet another one. Alongside the popsugar challenge, I’m also participating perksofbeingnoura’s year long Harry Potter Board Game Reading Challenge! […]


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