4 Reasons to Read The Raven Boys

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The Raven Boys was one of my most anticipated reads for this year.

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I’ve put off reading it for so long because I was worried about all the hype that was surrounding it. Since I worried so much the book ended up siting on my shelf for around 4 years. I vowed to read it this year, and I finally did! The Raven Boys was an interesting read. I really enjoyed the story and characters. I was told the books after are even better than the first. I’ve already started The Dream Thieves!

So, if you need motivation to start this wonderful book, keep scrolling!







  • IMG_4574 - Copy (2) The Characters

I believe that this book is very character driven which is one of the things I love. Not that it doesn’t have a plot, but you get to know each Raven boy in their own way. Also, most importantly we have Blue our main character. I really felt attached to the characters, and fell in love with them all pretty quickly.

Blue is eccentric with her very own sense of style and not at all psychic. Gansey was by far one of my favorites, and I will protect him at all costs. Ronan grew on me the further I got in the book. He isn’t easy to love but I ended up loving him regardless. Adam on the other hand has his own issues and I spent majority of the book wanting him to be okay. Noah is the cutest. I found him very weird in the beginning but with time I loved him just as much as the rest.



  • The Strangeness IMG_4574 - Copy

I have a deep love for strange books and this one gave that to me. Everything is lyrical and the weirdest things happen. I stopped sometimes and just thought ‘What? what does that even mean?’ or ‘What is that?’ but I loved every second of it. I loved the storyline and how we discovered things.

Maggie weaved such an interesting story and I honestly can’t wait to see what will happen in the next 3 books.




  • IMG_4574 Family Like Relationship

The boys stick together through everything. The moment I started they reminded me of a family. Each one of them has his own hardships but in the end they do what needs to be done together. I also loved how Blue fit into this. At first she wasn’t so sure about the group but she eventually became a part of it.


  • The Constant Banter IMG_4574 - Copy (2)

A good book always consists of a sufficient amount of banter, and this book has it. Ronan was the one who usually had something to say, like so:

“On the other end of the phone, his roommate Ronan Lynch replied, “You missed World Hist. I thought you were dead in a ditch.”
Gansey (…) asked, “Did you get notes for me?”
“No,” Ronan replied. “I thought you were dead in a ditch.”

And Gansey has his own weird sense of humor:

“You’re the table everyone wants at Starbucks,” Gansey mused as he began to walk again.
Blue blinked. “What?”
Over his shoulder, Gansey said, “Next to the wall plug.”



And that’s all the reasons I’ll be listing (for now). Have I motivated you enough? 🔮



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Have you read The Raven Boys or are you planning to?

four Reasons to read the raven boys.png

26 thoughts on “4 Reasons to Read The Raven Boys

  1. I tried picking up The Raven Boys a while ago (maybe a year or two) but the super flowery writing and the sheer weirdness around the plot put me off, I couldn’t get more than 20 pages into it. BUT I know so many people love the series and I’ve been trying to challenge myself in what I read, so I definitely want to pick it up. Maybe this summer break I will! Thank you for your post — it definitely made me rethink keeping the books or not!

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  2. Ah, I’ve also been putting off reading this for similar reasons, I’m worried it won’t live up to the hype! Seems to be a silly concern though, with nearly every review I read of it glowing! Maybe this year will be the year 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I love this series! All of Maggie Stiefvater’s books have that magical, whimsical quality to them. Before reading this book I never got a solid answer as to what this book was about. And after reading it I get why. I can talk about the awesome writing and characters and setting, but as soon as you try to describe the plot I suddenly lose all ability to formulate my thoughts.

    I hope you enjoy the rest of the series!

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