Readathon: 168 Hour Readathon


Welcome to the 168 hour readathon!

This is the first readathon I’m hosting, and the first readathon I’m taking part in. I’ve always wanted to join a readathon but my luck hasn’t been very helpful since I always find out days after they’ve started.

I should probably get down to the important info now.

Readathon Info:

  • The readathon will start on the 10th and end on the 16th of March.
  • The moment it becomes 12 on Saturday night you can start reading! and when it strikes 12 on the last day of the readathon that’s when it’s officially over.
  • You can create a TBR post if you want to or take a picture of the books you intend to read.
  • Wherever you decide to share your TBR or to announce your participation do make sure you tag me so that I can see it and share it.
  • Use the hashtag #168readathon on Twitter, Instagram and your blog.


The point of this readathon is to read as many books as you possibly can, while also actually getting some sleep. I’m pretty sure we all need that to function during the week. So, get your books and snacks ready for a week of reading!

phonto (10)

Will you be joining the readathon?


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