Avengers: Endgame Movie Review

”Part of the journey is the end.”

The movie the world has been waiting for has finally come to an end. I went to the cinema with my heart in my throat, anticipating the events and dreading them all at the same time. This movie managed to bring out so many emotions all at once. Infinity War left us grasping for conclusions and theories, and Endgame came and gave us what we deserved.

Avengers: Endgame was the movie that I was waiting for the most. I got so excited when I heard that they were bringing the movie early over here. I bought my tickets for the 29th of April, a day after I finished my finals. Marvel has been a part of my life ever since I was a little girl in elementary school. I grew up loving Spider-Man, X-Men, Iron Man and so many others from the MCU. Then I grew up and the movies were being made, and it all made me so much happier.

I went into Endgame with so many emotions. Not only was it going to be the movie of a lifetime, but also the end of the journey for some of my favorites. My emotions went from laughing, cheering, crying, and then all those at once.


Spoilers Ahead

This section will be filled with my thoughts and feelings so expect a lot of screaming and crying. Starting with Thor. So many were upset with how they portrayed Thor after the events of Infinity War. I thought the depression was accurate. He would clearly be in that space after everything that happened. What I admired is that they showed that Thor was still worthy. They proved that everything he felt and went through didn’t make him any less than he was before (I was living for it!).

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We also got more Carol Danvers! I went to see Captain Marvel a month before Endgame and I loved it to bits! Carol has got to be one of my favorite heroes ever. She blew up a ship, and got head butted by Thanos and didn’t even flinch! This is the power I needed to see.

Tony Stark will always be my favorite. He started it all and I love him 3000. I’ve always wanted Tony to be happy. His character development over the years has earned him that much. I loved seeing him with Morgan and Pepper. I loved him even more for coming to everyone’s aid even though there was a possibility his present wouldn’t be the same after it.

Can we all agree that Captain America picking up that hammer is what we’ve all been waiting for? The entire cinema screamed so loud when it happened, and I screamed right with them. The Hulk was the weirdest development and I didn’t see it coming, but if all that is what it would take for Bruce to be happy then I’m all for it. Hawkeye made me emotional from the first scene and I felt for him the whole time. And his relationship with Nat! She deserved so much better. She sacrificed so much all to save her family, and I WAS SCREAMING (and there was lots of crying).

Ant-Man coming to the scene and saving everyone’s life. We stan a legend. I will forever be grateful to this man for making everything possible. Also him turning huge and pushing a ship into a portal.

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Now the tears were building up, but nothing got them falling like hearing Sam Wilson telling Steve to look left. T’Challa, Shuri, and Okoye made me start sobbing, and the entire theater erupted in applause. Peter coming out and going straight for Tony. The hug and little kiss made my heart melt. When Bucky appeared I had to pass the tissues to my sister because she couldn’t keep the tears in. All my emotions showed up at once when the Avengers assembled, and when all the Marvel women got together to protect Spidey and to help Carol.

 The movie was bitter sweet but I loved it with all my heart. I feel so happy that we got this conclusion (even if some of it was painful). I’m looking forward to what Marvel will be bringing us in the coming year.




What were your favorite scenes? Comment below!

11 thoughts on “Avengers: Endgame Movie Review

  1. I was just reading your review and had goosebumps and almost started crying… I really wish the dvd comes out soon coz I wanna watch it over and over again and sob my heart out…
    Awesome and wonderful review… !!!!

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  2. Reading this post brought such a great feeling! It’s been a month now since I’ve watched it and I still see it as a great experience, though post re-watch and sitting down, I was able to notice a lot more flaws. I really like Thor’s character and he was one that had grown on me since the first Avengers movie, but I was disappointed that he ended up being more of a comic relief in this one than anything else. I do agree that they did a very good job showing how you can still be worthy, despise your mental health.
    My favorite scene is definitely the moment in which Captain America gets Thor’s hammer. It was iconic and absolutely unforgettable. Captain America is my one of my favorite characters (probably 2nd favorite, right after T’Challa!) and I teared up at the end, seeing that he finally got the happy ending he deserves.
    Overall, I think this was a very entertaining experience and I’m looking forward to what Marvel will come up with in the future. Mostly, I’m dying for Black Panther 2 and seeing my children again, hahah. Great review!

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    • For Thor I agree on your point. My family thought the same thing. His role in the coming movies isn’t over. So hopefully we will see a lot of development.
      Oh Captain America getting the hammer was one of the best! I’ve been waiting for it since Age of Ultron! Right? I was so surprised when he went back. I’m glad he got his happy ending (although I feel bad for Bucky. I wish they gave the both of then more screen time.)
      Super excited to see Black Panther 2!! I loved the first one so so much! and thanks for reading!

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  3. I just saw the movie for the second time today and I am chuck full of feels 😥 NAT DESERVED SO MUCH BETTER SHE SHOULD’VE GOTTEN A FUNERAL

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