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The Immortal Bibliophiles Book Club: July’s Book Club Pick

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Hey there, lovelies!

The book has been compared to a Kdrama in reading format. The story is set is Seoul and revolves around a Gumiho (Nine tailed fox) who devours the energy of men to survive. The story is filled with adventure, fantasy and romance. Have you guessed the book yet?

The Immortal Bibliophiles book club pick for this month is Wicked Fox by Kat Cho! I’m so excited to be announcing this! I’ve been so excited to read this since the author announced it, and now it’s finally here.


You can find the official book club page on Goodreads and Twitter!


July’s book club pick:

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Wicked Fox by Kat Cho


Here’s the breakdown for the chapters:

July 10th: Chapters 1-7

July 11th: Chapters 8-14

July 12th: Chapters 15-22

July 13th: Chapters 23-29

July 14th: Chapters 30-36

July 15th: Chapters 37-43

July 16th: Chapters 44-50

July 17th: Chapters 51-57

July 18th: Chapters 58-64

July 19th: Chapters 65-71

July 20th: Chapters 72 to the end


We’ll be having discussions on Goodreads everyday with the new chapters. If you don’t manage to read the assigned chapters on the assigned day don’t worry. You can catch up anytime!



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Will you be joining us?

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