How to create a cozy reading space


My reading nook is probably the most important part of my room. I can never seem to read anywhere else as comfortably. Of course my reading nook isn’t anything fancy. It’s just my bed organized in a very comfy way to get me in the mood for reading. I’m going to share some ways you can make your room the comfiest it can be and ready for a fun day of reading, movie watching, and total relaxation.


So, let the planning begin with these simple steps!



My purple blanket is my life. It’s literally the softest thing to ever exist. It doesn’t just make the space extra comforting but also adds color to my nook when I need it for pictures. Of course anything that makes you feel comfortable will work. The whole point is to make it the perfect retreat for you.


Pillows, lots and lots of pillows:

I love being surrounded by pillows. I have so many different shapes and sizes and it only makes my bed that much cozier. In truth you can always have a few favorite pillows or ones that you find really comfortable. Any of these will work.


A steaming mug of tea, hot cocoa or coffee:

So this highly depends on your preference or the time of day that you choose to read during. I personally have two kinds of moods. During the week I read in the morning (since I got to university) so I spend a few hours reading a book with some coffee to keep me awake. But during the weekend all that changes. I prefer to read at night so I love having a nice mug of hot cocoa after taking a shower and sitting with my book and blanket.


A simple candle can go a long way:

I love candles but sadly I don’t have many of them, and that’s okay. You only really need one. My favorite candle is my Ravenclaw one from Typo. I use this one all the time, and it lasts so long and smells amazing! I love dimming the lights and lighting one of these.


ASMR Ambiance video:

I don’t always do this and some of you might not like the whole experience of an ASMR video but it’s always an option. I enjoy this particular one by ASMR Rooms of youtube. It’s an ASMR of the Ravenclaw common room! (all the houses are available). You can hear the crackling fire and the occasional pages turning in the background.


And of course, a book:

The most important component of this whole set up is of course, the book. Whether it’s a physical book, ebook, or audiobook just find your perfect book friend and get to reading!


phonto (10)

How do you prepare yourself for a cozy reading session?

19 thoughts on “How to create a cozy reading space

  1. This was such a fun post, Noura!! I had so much fun reading it 😍 My bed is also my reading nook, and it’s just SOOO comfy to cuddle there with all your pillows and blankets. Candles and a mug of warm coffee/tea is a MUST during the cold weather. I really enjoy ambiance music when I’m studying so I definitely should try it out for when I’m studying too!

    Great post πŸ’–

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    • Thank you so much for reading Tiffany! ❀ Ah aren’t beds just the best 😍 and you always need that coffee and tea. You should definitely try ambiance music next time you read. It’s actually a really good way to relax too 😊

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  2. I love these tips and use so many of them! I used to have the coziest reading nook! I had two short bookshelves facing each other, with a beanbag and tons of pillows between them. When I sat there, I was surrounded by books and it was wonderful! Then I got another bookshelf and had to rearrange my room, so I lost my nook. Now I mostly read on my bed with a tea on hand. And now that it’s winter I’ve definitely been snuggling with some pillows and blankets while I read!

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  3. This was such a lovely post. I just redid our bedroom to make it into a chill and comfy work/reading place. I just have to hang a few things and it’s done, and already I’m loving it. Maybe I’ll do my own spin on this blog post!

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  4. Your reading nook looks so cosy and lovely! I have finally got a library chair (comfy winged armchair) and a table that is just the right size and height for a hot drink and some books so I’m on my way to creating the perfect reading space…

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