4 ways to get out of that reading slump

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Okay, who here doesn’t hate reading slumps? they drain us and literally last so long sometimes. I hate them with a passion. I had one that lasted a good part of a year and I felt completely out of character. I still haven’t found the perfect way to beat reading slumps to the curb but I did find a few ways to ease myself back into reading.


  • Try graphic novels or Manga

Graphic novels and manga have come through for me so many times. Easy to read and quick most of the time. So many new graphic novels have come out that are amazing and have the best art and stories. Manga are also perfect for beating reading slumps. They aren’t that different from graphic novels and I can assure you there are so many great ones out there!




  • Set a few chapters a day

This is one of the most effective techniques I’ve used. When I’m in a slump I set a few chapters to read each day. About 2 or 3. This usually makes me a little more intrigued with the book and sometimes I’ll read more than the chapters I’ve allocated for myself. This is the best way to feel like reading again. Don’t rush it or push yourself. If you want to read a chapter a day that’s fine too!




  • Read a short story or a poetry collection

Short stories make me feel like I’m reading faster and actually accomplishing something. Poetry book too. Find yourself a short book or a nice poetry collection and get to reading!




  • Audiobooks

This depends mostly on the speed you read it. I always set the speed to 2x speed and so I feel like I’m getting through the book faster. Even if you listen at normal speed, feeling like someone else is telling you a story is a whole different experience and could definitely help.

Want a great place to listen to audiobooks? Try Librofm! Not only do they have a huge collection of audiobooks but they also support local bookstores and the amazing people who work there!


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How do you beat your reading slump?

12 thoughts on “4 ways to get out of that reading slump

  1. I have to say that the second one surprised me; I normally do that already, to read a certain number of chapters a day, minimum, so I can see why it could help, though I agree that you should set small goals. The first point has helped me a lot! I tried doing that especially during readathons, to feel like I was making progress with something.
    A lot of people reread too but I’d say it depends on the type of slump; sometimes you just need time.

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    • I think it mostly depends on what you already do. Sometimes trying a different tactic can help you improve your reading. Slumps are the worst and there have been times where it took me soooo long to get out of one. Time is definitely a bigger help though.


  2. I’ve definitely tried all of these things before to beat a reading slump! For me, the hardest part of beating a reading slump is that first step of just picking up a book—especially after reading an awesome one! Reading shorter stories and committing to finishing a few chapters a day usually gets me back in the game, but it all goes back to that first step 😁. Also, this is my first time hearing about Libro.fm—it sounds really cool!

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    • I think the best way is to alternate and see what fits your mood at the moment. I keep a journal where I write the chapters that I’m planning on reading. It helps me stay committed since I enjoy checking boxes so much 🙈 eventually the flow of reading comes back. Definitely recommend librofm! super helpful and very supportive to local bookstores.

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  3. My go to slump busters are always smut! They’re usually quick, easy reads that I don’t have to think about. After I finish the book I feel much better around reading!

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  4. I definitely reach for graphic novels when I’m in a slump. I’ve also found that reading graphic novels as I feel a slump coming upon me can usually keep the slump at bay! For me I find I slump when I go long periods without a book I’m interested in reading. Graphic novels capture my attention more easily, so they help keep me reading even when I’m busy or waiting on hold for a library book I’m interested in.

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  5. I couldn’t. Haha i was on a slump for a year. I tried everything but I couldn’t get myself to read anything, maybe because I was already depressed as it is at that time, but I am slowly getting there. 🙂 Great discussion post.

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