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Okay, teenage me is thriving! On Twitter the other day it was announced that there would be a The Vampire Diaries themed readathon happening in June titles The Readathon Diaries (Click on that link to get all the details). I of course would never pass up a chance to join a readathon like this. There are three teams to choose from (Werewolves, Witches, and Vampires) and from the headline I think you know which team I chose. This came at the perfect time because my best friends and I decided to rewatch The Vampire Diaries together next month! Keep reading to see the book on my tbr for this readathon.



Salvatore: Book featuring Vampires

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These two are on my list for this prompt. I’m not sure which one I’ll pick up and June is still away so maybe I’ll make up my mind by then? Who knows but I’m excited to read both of these so it’s win win situation.



Daylight Ring: Read a book when the sun is out

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I’m assuming any book will do for this prompt but here’s one that seems fitting for the time of day. I haven’t read middle grade in a while so I’m looking forward to this one. I need something light right about now.



Damon: Read a book with a snarky character


Who is more snarky than Lou? She’s the first character that came to mind. Serpent & Dove was my favorite last year and I’m over the moon excited to pick this one up!

Thank you Harper Teen for the gifted review copy!



Vervain: Read a book outside your comfort zone

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Thrillers and mysteries aren’t my strong suit. I’ve challenged myself to read them this year so this one is perfect for this prompt! I have an audiobook of this one so it should be extra fun to listen to.

Thank you Libro.Fm and St. Martin’s Press for the gifted ALC!



Sirelines: Read a book with a romantic relationship


*Sigh* the time has come. I was dared to read this series by a friend and I guess it’s time to continue. I read Twilight last year and it was….interesting? teenage me would have loved these but I really ain’t feeling it now. Every character annoyed me but I’m not backing down from the challenge.


Mystic Falls: Read the group book: The Awakening


I already read the group book and the other 3 books after. I asked about this in particular and was told I could skip it or read the book after it so I’m assuming the 5th book will be okay?


You can bet I’ll be having reading blogs in June for these! It has actually been a month or two since my last.


Will you be joining this readathon?

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