Kpop Readathon | Team and TBR

Welcome to the Kpop Readathon! This readathon was made by yours truly. I was bored and the idea got a lot of love from so many of you on Twitter (thank you for that!). You can find all the information on my Twitter here.

Team & TBR

So clearly my chosen team was GOT7. They have been my favorite group for past 5 years and the only group who I get excited to buy their albums. Already ordered their latest one, Dye and I’m now waiting for it to arrive.

So for this team there are 6 prompts. I tried to tie in my book choices with the other readathon I’m participating in. Hopefully I can read them all without any dreaded slump appearing.

Not by the Moon: Read a book in the morning

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This one aligns with the prompt from the other readathon so I’ll be using it here as well. I’ve seen this book on Twitter and I’m so in love with the concept. It’s so adorable!

Poison: Book with a villain on anti-hero main character

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Harley Quinn is one of my favorite villains/anti-heroes! I’ve seen some amazing reviews for this one and I’m so excited to finally read it.

Aura: Read a book where the cover is one of the main aura colors


Blood & Honey is one of my highly anticipated of the year and I can’t wait to read it!

Love you Better: Romance book

I’ve heard so much about both these books and everyone on Goodreads is praising them so I guess it’s time?

Crazy: Book you never thought you’d read


Honestly, Twilight is one of the series I never thought I’d read but I suppose it’s time.

Trust my Love: Book a member recommended or one recommended by a friend


This one was recommended by JB before and I’ve chosen it to be my book for this prompt. I’m a little worried about picking up a Murakami book since I’ve seen some pretty weird things. But I promised myself I’d try at least one book this year.

Are you joining any readathons next month?

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