How to read more books

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Do you ever wish you could read more books without pushing yourself? There’s always that time of year where everyone is racing to complete their reading challenge. Me included. I managed to finish a big chunk of it last month when I ended up reading 16 books. How did I do that? and how can you read more? read on for some tips and different ways you can motivate yourself without exhausting yourself.


Carry a book with you everywhere

Or two. We’ve all been through that situation where we go somewhere realize we’ve got a long wait or will be eating alone and need to keep ourselves busy for some time. This has helped me so many times especially in avoiding awkward situations. Having a book will definitely help you get some reading done.


Stock up on ebooks and audiobooks

My Ipad is a lifesaver that I also carry with me everywhere. I have my reading apps stocked with books. Most books I can’t find in the bookstores over here so I always ended up getting them as ebooks which gives me a lot of reading material. My phone also has some audiobooks on the ready in case I find myself on a long drive or if I want to get some reading done on the way somewhere. Having both these things on you at all times makes it a lot more likely that you’ll pick it up when you need it.


Join a bookclub

Book clubs really help motivate you when you need that extra push you’re looking for. I set up my own book club on Goodreads last year and it has motivated me to read so much! Reading with a group of people is always great because you get to discuss and share your thoughts with others. It can definitely be motivating and a lot of fun!


Create your own reading challenges

This has motivated me on so many levels. I did my own 24 hour readathon a couple of days ago and I managed to read 3 books in under 24 hours! It was such a fun experience and one I did by myself. There are so many that you can do now including the year long ones.

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Make a list

Lists are my life and I have Google documents and journal spreads full of book recommendations. Find a genre you love and binge a few books or pick a genre you hardly read and try 2 or 3. I feel more motivated when I see lists and book recs. Maybe you will to.


Switch up formats

A few years ago I realized that I read more when I switch the formatting. A graphic novel or poetry book in between a heavy read. Try and read more comics. Switch to an audiobooks when you need to get things done or you’re tired of holding a book up. Changing genres can be very helpful too! Find what works best for you.


Keep a reading journal

I know this sounds a little strange but do you know how motivated you feel when you’ve got some books listed in a journal and you need to scratch them out? Wonderful. Maybe keeping track of your books or recording your daily reading habits will make you feel a lot more inspired to read. I’ll be uploading pictures from my reading journal for you to see soon!


Make some daily reading goals for yourself

I find this easy to stick with most of the time. I like to set a few chapters a day (unless I want to read more) or to finish a book when I’m very close. Setting goals that are easily fulfilled will make you more likely to complete them. Make this a habit in your daily routine.



What are some of the things that you do to read more?

17 thoughts on “How to read more books

  1. These are such great tips Noura!! I’ve FINALLY started getting into audiobooks and I’m not as consistent as others but it DEFINITELY helps me read more. Even if it just one book extra a month. And I find I like having two different formats going, but they have to be different genres. I’ve tried two contemporaries at once but ahh I don’t think I like doing that haha.

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    • Thank you, Ruby! Oh same here. I started audiobooks at the end of last year and I listen to them every once in a while. They add so much to the reading experience! That’s true. I feel like it definitely depends on the person. I’m the kind who reads like 4 books at once and most of the time they have the same genre haha.

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  2. I have never join a book club before, but I know there are a lot of online ones now so I really want to try. I prefer physical books, but honestly ebooks are so practical and helps me to read more! I can’t really read during commute since I get motion sickness and I keep spacing out when listening to audiobooks, so ebooks are really convenient to read during short or long breaks 🙂

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    • Definitely! Goodreads has so many too. I started my own there and it has been super fun so far. Oh i’m with you on the motion sickness thing. I’m like that too and audiobooks are the only things that have kept my attention during my long commutes. Ebooks are life savers for me!


  3. All great tips! I only really have my phone where I have Apple iBooks and the Kindle app. I have recently gotten more into audiobooks … switching formats does help!

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  4. These are such great tips. I always try to have an audiobook so I can listen I find it very helpful when I want to read but I need to things. I love having ebooks on my phone so that I can always have something to read.


  5. Great advice! I started a reading journal this year and it’s been helping me so much to stay motivated to read and create beautiful spreads. Audiobooks are life-savers! I just started to listen to them last year but they have changed my reading life for the better. Read-a-thons are also a great way to boost your reading, especially if you participate in a themed one that motivates you to read as much as possible 😊

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