ARC Review | Other Words For Home by Jasmine Warga

Other Words For Home

Author: Jasmine Warga  // Published: May 7, 2019


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I am learning how to be
and happy
at the same time.

Jude never thought she’d be leaving her beloved older brother and father behind, all the way across the ocean in Syria. But when things in her hometown start becoming volatile, Jude and her mother are sent to live in Cincinnati with relatives.

At first, everything in America seems too fast and too loud. The American movies that Jude has always loved haven’t quite prepared her for starting school in the US—and her new label of “Middle Eastern,” an identity she’s never known before. But this life also brings unexpected surprises—there are new friends, a whole new family, and a school musical that Jude might just try out for. Maybe America, too, is a place where Jude can be seen as she really is.


Thank you to Balzer + Bray for the gifted review copy

“Just like I am no longer
a girl.
I am a Middle Eastern girl.
A Syrian girl.
A Muslim girl.
Americans love labels.
They help them know what to expect.
Sometimes, though,
I think labels stop them from

How can I find the words to describe how perfect this book is? I picked this one up on a whim the other day and devoured it in one sitting. It truly was that good.

The story follows Jude who has to leave her home in Syria to move to America with her mother, leaving her brother and father behind. In this book we watch Jude try to adjust to her new surroundings while also keeping her identity. I loved watching Jude grow while also staying true to who she is. She was such a lovable character and despite going through a lot after the move, she still managed to stay strong and inspirational.

I’m starting to think,
might be the bravest thing a person can do.”

This story was utterly beautiful. It was heartbreaking at times and emotional. It was also filled with so much hope. I teared up a couple of times reading this and cried a little by the end. This story is important in so many way for so many different reasons. It touched important topics that needed to be discussed. I especially loved the part of the book when Jude starts to wear her Hijab. I loved that it was her choice. While this really resonated with me, the author also brought to light how differently she was treated when she did start to wear it. The Islamophobia that she faced when to her it was something completely normal and something she wanted. It’s always important to show this side and what being a Muslim is like for many who don’t live in Muslim countries.

“I cover my head not because I am ashamed forced or hiding. But because I am proud and want to be seen as I am.”

I adored the writing style. I haven’t read many books written in verse but this has to be my favorite. The words were beautifully written and Jude shone through it all with her words and thoughts. I hope more people read this book because it’s worth so much.

About the Author

Jasmine Warga is a writer from Cincinnati, Ohio who currently resides in Chicago, Illinois. She is the internationally bestselling author of My Heart and Other Black Holes and Here We Are Now. Her books have been published in over twenty-five countries and optioned for film. Her debut middle grade novel, Other Words For Home, will be published in Spring 2019. Jasmine lives in an apartment filled with books with her husband, two tiny daughters, large dog, and mischievous cat.


Will you be picking up Other Words For Home?

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  1. I’ve heard of this book and your review makes me want to pick it up more! The first quote you added is such a good one.


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