Book Review | A Place Called Perfect (Perfect, #1) by Helena Duggan

A Place Called Perfect

Author: Helena Duggan  // Published: November 2012


Violet never wanted to move to Perfect.

Who wants to live in a town where everyone has to wear glasses to stop them going blind? And who wants to be neat and tidy and perfectly behaved all the time?

But Violet quickly discovers there’s something weird going on – she keeps hearing noises in the night, her mum is acting strange and her dad has disappeared.

When she meets Boy she realizes that her dad is not the only person to have been stolen away…and that the mysterious Watchers are guarding a perfectly creepy secret!



What can I say about A Place Called Perfect to convince you to pick it up? This was one of the most unexpected reads for me. I read the synopsis a while back and loved it but I eventually forgot what this book was really about. Sometimes I like going into books knowing as less as possible (or after forgetting I suppose?) and it was honestly the best surprise ever.

This book was spooky, whimsical, and emotional all at once. It was mysterious and always had me guessing, while also being absolutely magical. I adored our main characters, Violet and Boy. I loved their banter and how they had each others backs. Both kids had such big imaginations and elaborate plans to save everyone and everything. The author really made the most wonderful and strange little world. The little adventures were fun to follow and everything was just as wild and full of imagination as I’d hoped it would be. It reminded me a little bit of A Wrinkle in Time. I loved reading about how the author came up with this brilliant story. It’s just so very unique and I wish I had heard about it sooner (this is me nudging you all to pick it up, please?)

I was hooked from the first few pages and finished reading it within the day. Definitely a perfect read in winter. The writing keeps you interested and you just constantly want to know what will happen to our characters next. I really believe that everyone regardless of age would enjoy this one. This is definitely one of my new favourite middle grade books!

About the Author



Helena Duggan is from Kilkenny, a medieval, haunted city in the south of Ireland. She’s pretty old, like 31 or something but her friends say she’s never grown up, so like she’s probably really only 13 in brain years. She writes stories for people her brain age and they are always full of adventure cause she gets bored really easy. She’s also a graphic designer, that means she draws pictures for a living, she also colours the pictures in though so it’s pretty tough work.




Did I mange to convince you to pick this up?

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