Movie Review | Malignant (2021)

This year has definitely been full of surprises. The one I’m talking about today is the fact that I started watching horror movies. It started with Midsommar and I’ve been watching a horror movie a day for the past week. I saw the trailer for Malignant in cinema a few months back and really wanted to see it. So what did I do? I saw it. Not a horror movie expert (obviously) but read on to know what I thought of James Wan’s latest.

Might have some slight spoilers

Despite not having watched any horror before now, I feel like I have a good idea about what I can handle and what I can’t. I think with time I’ll probably get used to certain things but for now, I’m being picky with my movies. When I saw the trailer for Malignant, it felt like a movie I could handle. I was actually really excited to see it which was uncalled for.

The concept of this story was really cool. I’ve never seen it done in anything before (but that’s just me) and I actually really loved that twist. I wasn’t sure what was going on through most of the movie so for the reveal to be that specifically made me really enjoy it. I did think the movie was too long. I feel like it would have been okay if there was a little more action going on. Some parts seemed to drag just a tiny bit. It could have been shorter. When it comes to the acting, I’ll be really honest, Annabelle Wallis was the saving grace. There were times with some of the other actors where it felt a lot like they were overacting. I don’t know if I’m the only one who felt that way or if others saw that too. I’ve seen a lot of reviews for this movie and some have mentioned that the overacting and cheesiness was intentional. If the director was going for something a bit lighter than his other movies, I see it. Despite it being cheesy (and believe you me, some of those lines were horrible) I actually quite liked this. I’ll admit I expected a lot more gore. It was mostly concentrated on the last 30 minutes or so. As fun and wild as that last bit was, I was expecting a tiny bit more in between.

One of my favourite scenes 👆

The movie overall was just unhinged. As the movie progressed it got weirder and a little bit more silly. Despite some of the issues I had with it, I really liked it. I had watched a few horror movies before this that were darker and heavier in tone so this cut away from all the seriousness. I definitely recommend giving it a go purely for the experience.

Rating: 4 out of 5.


Have you seen Malignant?

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