Book Review | Dead Wednesday by Jerry Spinelli

Dead Wednesday

Author: Jerry Spinelli // Published: August 3, 2021

Thank you Penguin Random House International for the gifted copy!

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Worm Tarnauer has spent most of eighth grade living down to his nickname. He prefers to be out of sight, underground. He walked the world unseen. He’s happy to let his best friend, Eddie, lead the way and rule the day.

And this day–Dead Wednesday–is going to be awesome. The school thinks assigning each eighth grader the name of a teenager who died in the past year and having them don black shirts and become invisible will make them contemplate their own mortality. Yeah, sure. The kids know that being invisible to teachers really means you can get away with anything. It’s a day to go wild!

But Worm didn’t count on Becca Finch (17, car crash). Letting this girl into his head is about to change everything.


There’s nothing that disappoints me more than picking up a book I’m excited about and then not enjoying it. Dead Wednesday was kindly gifted to me and after reading the synopsis I was intrigued. Sadly this book was not for me. I usually read middle grade and it’s one of the genres that I always end up enjoying but this one missed the mark.

The book was very short but I felt like it dragged. I would even say I struggled to finish it. Everything just felt so prolonged and half way through I wasn’t even sure what the point of the story was. Unfortunately, it just felt like reading a whole lot of nothing for me. It had some uncomfortable moments too that kind of put me off. The synopsis itself was disturbing but I wanted to give this a chance. All in all I was confused and just not interested.

These are just my personal opinions and feelings. I know of a lot of people who enjoyed this so you might be one of them.

About the Author

Jerry Spinelli

Jerry Spinelli is an American writer of children’s novels that feature adolescence and early adulthood. He is best known for Maniac Magee, Stargirl and Wringer


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