Author Interview: S.K. Ali



Today’s interview is very very special to me.


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Say hello to S.K. Ali, author of Saints and Misfits and Love From A to Z. I am so thrilled to be interviewing one of the most wonderful people on the planet. I read Love From A to Z this year and I can’t explain how grateful I am to have read this book. I felt represented like I’ve never felt before. I made a vow to myself to never stop hyping this book. I really can’t wait for everyone to read it.


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Author Interview: Roshani Chokshi


Today’s interview is one of my absolute favorites!

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Say hello to Roshani Chokshi, author of The Star-Touched Queen, Pandava Quartet and The Gilded Wolves. I am so thrilled to be interviewing such an amazing author. I read the Gilded Wolves this month and I can’t tell you how in love I am. The most amazing world building, full of rich history and diverse characters. I got the chance to interview her and asked her about the world building in her latest release, writing advice, and so much more!


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Author Interview: Katharyn Blair

I present to you all my interview with the most amazing debut author of 2019, Katharyn Blair!

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So excited for all of you to read this fun interview with Katharyn Blair! I read an ARC of her debut in November, and I can’t explain to you all how AMAZING it was no matter how many words I use. So do yourselves a favor and add the book to your TBR.


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Author Interview: Sarah Henning

I present to you all my interview with *drum roll* Sarah Henning!

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So excited for all of you to read this fun little interview. Sea Witch was one of my most anticipated this year, and I absoutely loved it! Sarah Henning wrote such an amazing retelling, and if you’re a fan of mermaids, witches and amazing villains then you have to get your hands on her book!


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