Tv Show Review | The Falcon and the Winter Soldier (2021)

Welcome back to the blog! I just realized that I never shared my excitement for The Falcon and the Winter Soldier on here (oops), but I’ve come to remedy that. I watched the show with my siblings as every episode came out. Each episode made me so excited for the next one and I can safely say that I truly loved this show. Definitely worth the watch and I most definitely recommend. Read one to see what I thought!

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Movie Review | Pride and Prejudice (2005)

I think you all know how much I loved reading Pride and Prejudice by now (You can read my review here). My love took me so far as to watch the movie on the very same day I finished the book. If there’s anything a book lover is worried about it’s that the movie won’t do the book justice. I knew how beloved the 2005 movie was to many Austen fans and I was hoping I would be one of them. This movie was exactly what I wanted and more!

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Mini Movie Reviews | Star Trek, Into Darkness, and Beyond

It’s the start of 2021 and my blog content for the year is starting to come together. With that being said I bring to you my mini reviews of the reboot Star Trek movies. Let me start by saying that I am totally new to the world of Star Trek. I watched the three movies over the course of three days in December and might I add that I am in love. I don’t really have enough thoughts for individual reviews so here are my mini thoughts on these movies.

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YALLSTAYHOME Book Festival | My First (Virtual) Book Festival! (2020)


I can’t explain to you how excited I was when I was sent the email announcing that YALLWEST (Now YALLSTAYHOME) was going virtual! I’ve never been to a book festival before, and I’ve dreamt of attending this one. I registered so quickly! just the thought of getting to see my favorite authors speak about their books and writing had me over the moon. I documented this rare and wonderful occasion. At least something good came out of being stuck at home.

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Press Release | YALLWEST Will be Virtual This year! #YALLSTAYHOME (2020)

YALL stay home graphic


I can’t explain to you how excited I am to be bringing this news to the blog today! My dream has always been to attend book festivals and book cons but living on the other side of the planet is a bit of a problem. But today you can attend YALLSTAYHOME from the comfort of your living room wherever you are in the world! YALLSTAYHOME is going virtual on April 25th and April 26th this year and you can watch your favorite authors via Zoom. Keep reading for more information about the authors, panels, timings, and more. Oh and PS, It’s also free!

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Project Self Care for self isolation + A Self Care Bingo Card

Project Self care

Who here is in need of some self care?

I think the past week or so has been hard for all of us. The whole world is dealing with this pandemic and the news just keeps getting more negative and mental health isn’t at its best. I know anxiety isn’t something we can control so I’ve made a list of self care routines that we can try to at least reduce the anxiety we’re all feeling. 

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