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A Classic a Month reading challenge (2019)

Who here is always way behind when it comes to classics?

Personally, classics have always intimidated me for reason I don’t even know. So, for 2019 I decided to make the A Classic a Month reading challenge. There aren’t any rules. Each month you’ll pick a classic of your choice, and by the end of the year you’ll have read 12 classics. Of course you don’t have to read one every month it’s totally up to you.


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October Reads Bingo Board // My attempt at reading 24 books in a month.

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October is upon us!

and I decided to create a Bingo board to help me with picking my reads.

The list of books is long and whether I’ll be able to read them all or not is a mystery, but here goes nothing!

The only rule is that you can use the same book in two categories maximum. And that’s about it.

The most important thing here is to have fun!

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Book Challenge Books (Book Before Movie) – Part 1

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Let’s face it, we all get super confused when it comes to picking books for reading challenges. It’s just one of the struggles of being a book lover. So, I’ll be organizing a bunch of posts, each one dedicated to a book category to help you (and me) read as many great books as possible this year!

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