YALLSTAYHOME Book Festival | My First (Virtual) Book Festival! (2020)


I can’t explain to you how excited I was when I was sent the email announcing that YALLWEST (Now YALLSTAYHOME) was going virtual! I’ve never been to a book festival before, and I’ve dreamt of attending this one. I registered so quickly! just the thought of getting to see my favorite authors speak about their books and writing had me over the moon. I documented this rare and wonderful occasion. At least something good came out of being stuck at home.

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Project Self Care for self isolation + A Self Care Bingo Card

Project Self care

Who here is in need of some self care?

I think the past week or so has been hard for all of us. The whole world is dealing with this pandemic and the news just keeps getting more negative and mental health isn’t at its best. I know anxiety isn’t something we can control so I’ve made a list of self care routines that we can try to at least reduce the anxiety we’re all feeling. 

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Movie Review | Joker (2019)

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Joker released on the 4th of October last year and really caused a ruckus. You had the people who loved it and you had the people who hated it. Either way the hype was going strong for months after its release with Joker being nominated for multiple Oscars. With everyone talking about this movie I couldn’t help but be transfixed by it and last night was finally the day that I got to see it.

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How to create a cozy reading space


My reading nook is probably the most important part of my room. I can never seem to read anywhere else as comfortably. Of course my reading nook isn’t anything fancy. It’s just my bed organized in a very comfy way to get me in the mood for reading. I’m going to share some ways you can make your room the comfiest it can be and ready for a fun day of reading, movie watching, and total relaxation.

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