Totally Spiesathon | Announcement + Sign Up

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Who here watched Totally Spies growing up?

This show was my life! I recently found it on Netflix and started a rewatch with the siblings and saw a few posts on Twitter. After asking around about making a themed readathon, I went for it and here’s how you can join!


Totally Spies 4eva — Totally-Spies-Forever; Gadget 1) 'Compowder ...


How it works:

The readathon is fairly simple. I don’t want this to be stressful so I’ve created a board game type readathon. There will be 2 rounds on the same board game. Each spot has a number so you’ll be able to know what each prompt is. You’ll start from the ‘Start’ spot on the board and use 1 dice to move across the board. The spot you land on will give you a prompt. You can choose to finish the prompt and then move on to play again or you can roll to get an idea about which prompts you’ll be doing. The moment you land on start again or pass it, the first round will have ended. If you choose to do round 2 then you play the exact same way but with different prompts!

You can find the prompts and reading board here!



To make this fun we have 3 teams: Team Sam, Team Clover, and Team Alex. You get to choose which team you’d like to be on based on whichever of the girls you loved growing up. There’s no difference in prompts for all the teams. It’s simply for the fun of it! Each team will have a Google Form. Everytime you complete a book for your team you’ll have the chance to send it through that form. The group with the most read books or pages will win!

You can record your books/pages read for your team here: Team Sam, Team Alex, and Team Clover




The readathon will be happening on July 1st and will end on July 31st.



Totally Spies 4eva — Totally-Spies-Forever; Gadget 1) 'Compowder ...



Each team has hosts! The hosts will be helping spread the word about the readathon and to hype up their teams. I’m so thankful for the following people for volunteering to help with this. Couldn’t do it without them ❤

Team Sam: Yours truly, Not So Secret Bookaholic, and Kayla @ Cloud Reading

Team Alex: Yade @ Readers Reaction, Kapri @ Kapri Psych, and Esmée @ Servillas Speaks

Team Clover: Kayla Jane @ KJandherbooks, Storri @ Storribook, Femke @ Bookish Buddies, and Bronwen @ Babbles and Books


Totally Spies 4eva — Totally-Spies-Forever; Gadget 1) 'Compowder ...


Sign up for your team here:



Did you grow up with Totally Spies?

9 thoughts on “Totally Spiesathon | Announcement + Sign Up

  1. I absolutely love this! Been waiting for the whole post since you’ve teased about it on Twitter, and aaaah! I love the concept, I love your prompts, I love the mechanics! Totally Spies has been one of my favorite shows growing up so this readathon gives me so much nostalgia. Planning on rewatching the show as well ❤

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