#Avengersreadathon19 TBR


Although I made this readathon myself I still had a hard time choosing which one I wanted to do. The struggle was real with this one. If you’re wondering what this is, you can find more info, here.

So, which assignment did I choose?

Image result for captain marvel gif

And if it’s even possible

Image result for spiderman gif


Captain Marvel Assignments (TBR)


First female hero: Feminist read

Image result for Dear Ijeawele, or a Feminist Manifesto in Fifteen Suggestions


Kree: Book set in a different universe

Image result for shades of magic volume 1


Captain Marvel’s suit: Book with red, blue or yellow

Image result for red scrolls of magic


Captain Marvel: New release



Carol Danvers: Badass female character

Image result for the poppy war


Mar-Vell: Written by a female author of color




Chosen Assignments:

Black Panther: Book with a black main character



Groot: Book with a nonhuman character

Image result for obsidian jennifer armentrout


Iron Man 3: Mental Health

Image result for starfish akemi

Those are all the books I’m planning on reading for the readathon! It feels like such a long list but I’ve been in such a reading mood lately. I’m super excited for all of these titles, and I really hope I find new favorites!


Spider-Man Assignments (TBR)


The Amazing Spider-Man: Graphic Novel/Comic



Oscorp: Revisit a favorite book

Image result for harry potter and the goblet of fire book


Spider-Man: Character with a secret identity

Image result for onyx jennifer armentrout


Peter Parker: Young Adult book

Image result for opal jennifer armentrout


Chosen Assignments:

Stark Industries: Sci-Fi book

Image result for origin jennifer armentrout


Thor and Loki: Book with siblings

Image result for the ravens tale


phonto (10)

Have you read any of these books? Any favorites?

26 thoughts on “#Avengersreadathon19 TBR

  1. Ah I am so joining you in this readathon. What a great idea!! This is especially excited because it will be my first readathon ever even though I’ve been blogging for almost two years now. I love that it’s a month long so I don’t feel like I have to squeeze a bunch of reading in to one week. I also love Avengers. Now just to decide which assignment to choose…

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  2. Ooh that’s a great TBR. I’ve heard of many books that you’re reading but haven’t read them myself. I did read Summer Bird Blue by Akemi Dawn Bowman and if that’s anything to go by, Starfish will be amazing 😍

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  3. Great TBR! I loved The Poppy War,it’s the right choice for its category. I’m also really excited to get to The Red Scrolls of Magic and Aurora Rising.


    • Hey there, Kelly! I’d love it if you joined and I hope you enjoy it if you do 😊 I watched the movie last night and I still can’t stop crying. Making this readathon is probably the best thing I’ve ever done! Thanks, I really hope I enjoy those books too! ❀ Happy reading, Kelly!

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