Why Libro.fm?


So, what revelation am I here to tell you about today? Well, it’s concerning audiobooks! the first time I tried audiobooks was last year. I had joined the ALC Program by Librofm (who are incredibly awesome and you should totally check them out! I also have a referral code if you’d like to use it.). I was quickly sucked into the world of audiobooks and let me tell you that I absolutely loved it!


The only reason why I never listened to Audiobooks before was because I didn’t think I’d be able to pay attention. I have a hard time focusing and I usually prefer to have the book in my hands so that I can follow along. Which is what I did with my first two gifted audiobooks just so I wouldn’t miss anything.

My first experience was with The Starless Sea. For some it might be a bit much for a first time trying audiobooks but I absolutely adored it! I fell in love with the narration and things just seem so different with audiobooks in the best way possible. Since listening to that I’ve become sort of obsessed with them. But I’m not just here to rave about my new found love, I’m here to tell you why you should sign up with Libro.fm.



Why Libro.fm?


  • You can listen to the audiobooks you buy whenever you want

Why is this important? because you can purchase any audiobook you want and there are no strings attached. You can listen to them whenever you want and on whatever you want. The audiobook also has no time limit. It belongs completely to you.


  • Every time you purchase an audiobook you’re supporting an independent bookstore

How wonderful is that? bookstores need all the support and Libro.fm makes sure that’s what’s happening. You can also choose which bookstore you’d like to support!


  • They’ve got an amazing app!

When you download the app and open your account you’ll find all the audibooks you purchased in one place. You can bookmark wherever you’ve stopped, categorize the books, changing audiobook speed, and more. Definitely helpful on the go.


  • They have an ALC program!

So, what’s an ALC program? this is an Audiobook Listening Copy ProgramThis program is made for educators, librarians, booksellers, influencers, and reviewers. By signing up you get complimentary audiobooks every month! It’s basically like review copies but in audiobook form. Best part? no time limit. You can listen to them anytime without having to worry about deadlines.

This is definitely a program I would recommend. I joined at the end of last year and the audibooks are amazing!


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Are you a fan of audiobooks?

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