50 thoughts while reading Restore Me by Tahereh Mafi

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I’ve always wanted to do this!

And what better book to use than the one that had me screaming since I started it.

I had so many thoughts my friends. So so many.

This post might contain spoilers. I tried not to give off too much but if you haven’t read Restore Me yet please turn away now.



#1 – I missed all my children 😭

#2 – Okay, my image of Kenji hasn’t changed at all. I read the first 3 books about 4 or 5 years ago maybe? I can’t even remember. Either way my love for my son hasn’t changed.

#3 – What made these two idiots think that was a good idea?

#4 – His hair. His glorious hair 😭

#5 – It’s…It’s only been sixteen days? SIXTEEN?

#6 – Brendan! Alia! Winston!

#7 – Adam and Warner interacting will never not be weird. But it’s something.

#8 – I felt sad the first time Kenji gave us a glimpse of his past and now we get more detail?! I’m going to start a group. “The Kenji Kishimoto Protection Program.”

#9 – I know Warner is pretty shaken up but he seriously needs to help Juliette asap. The girls is so lost right now.

#10 – Mr. Haider Ibrahim is giving me Arab vibes and I really hope I’m right.


#12 – The fact that he keeps popping in Arabic words and sentences, and I understand them without having to translate makes me so so happy!

#13 – She was supposed to just ask a question but this escalated soooo quick.

#14 – Warner and Kenji will forever be at each others throats. They seriously need to chill.

#15 – There’s a sister? I really want to meet the sister!

#16 – Nazeera is a babe! We have a fierce Hijabi who takes nothing from no one!

#17 – If every conversation Kenji and Nazeera have is like this I’m all for it. I really am.

#18 – Haider is annoying me but Nazeera is my new favorite person. I hope I’m not making a mistake.

#19 – She got lost…and Kenji is trying really hard to be nice but he’s humiliating himself. I feel humiliated for him 😂

#20 – “I mean , I’ve always known I had a great face. But now I know, like, for sure that I’ve got a great face. And it’s just so validating.”

#21 – Damn that turn down. I feel so bad for him like he deserves everything good in the world.

#22 – Well, that was unexpected.

#23 – Warner! he cares so much it hurts to read this.

#24 – Um…What is Castle saying? please tell me he is not serious.


#26 – Okay, Tahereh you have exceeded all my bloody expectations and I’m still reeling after that whole conversation.

#27 – “but I’m a monster says society.”

#28 – Everything is so messed up right now. So so messed up and I don’t know how to feel.

#29 – So many secrets and lies. And we were gonna have only 3 books.

#30 – James is such a cutie. I forgot how adorable he is. And he’s gonna be 11!

#31 – This is all going to horribly. I feel heartbreak and I want to cry but I’m in the library and I’m surrounded by people.

#32 – Yup Nazeera is my new favorite person and I’m not changing my mind.

#33 – Why do I have a feeling the worst plot twist hasn’t happened yet?

#34 – It’s so weird seeing Warner like this. I have so many thoughts and I can’t decide how I feel.

#35 – Not the hair! (How many times am I going to shout about hair in this book?)

#36 – Lena needs a bullet. That’s all.

#37 – She’s powerful. My girl is powerful. I can literally feel the power rolling off.

#38 – Ugh I’m getting closer to the end and I’m so scared 😣

#39 – Omg he’s from Nairobi?! 😱😍

#40 – I need my babies to be mended 😭 This book can’t end with it being like this.

#41 – Now I really feel bad for Castle. His intention has always been to help. Always.

#42 – And Kenji will always be here for Juliette ❤

#43 – This is where It all goes down I’m so sure of it.

#44 – She’s pointing out things that make flipping sense and these ignorant people just keep interrupting her 😡

#45 – Oh my god no! no no no no no! this cannot be true. I won’t believe it. I refuse to there is no way.

#46 – Wait, what?!

#47 – I want her to open the letters. I want to know but I’m so scared to see what’s written in them.

#48 – These Polaroids. They explain so much. Oh God. I wasn’t expecting this.

#49 – Tahereh can not be serious.

#50 – And it’s done. With no further explanation. Everything is a mess, and so am I.


I am so broken right now. I need Defy Me to come out soon or I’ll explode from way too many feels.



phonto (10)

Have you read Restore Me? Are you still recovering?


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