2019 Reading Challenge

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And my complete 2019 reading challenge is here!

Now that was a tiring challenge to come up with. Super excited to be sharing this with all of you though! The list has 52 fun categories to start your 2019 reading. So, let me explain each category in a bit more detail.

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  1. Becoming a movie in 2019: We all know there are plenty of books being adapted in 2019. This category can include movie and tv shows. The list is endless!
  2. Book released in 2019: I think it’s safe to say that this one is self explanatory.
  3. Villain/Anti-hero: A list of books for this category can be found here.
  4. By a female author: Here are some lists.
  5. By a male author: Here are some lists.
  6. Poetry
  7. Mental Health: This can be a book about mental health or a book of any genre that has mental health representation.
  8. Recommended by a friend: Have a friend recommend a book! Real friend, twitter friend, or all the wonderful book bloggers out there.
  9. Horror
  10. Book Club book: Whethere it’s a chosen book from your own book club, one that you joined, or a celebrity book club.
  11. Recommended by a favorite celebrity: you can check out Bookbub.
  12. Backlist book: Any book published before 2019.
  13. Goodreads Awards winner: We’ve all seen the winners of this years Goodreads Choice Awards so choose a 2018 winner of any category.
  14. Book from a jar: Pick a jar and add to it some book titles that you want to read, and pick one out without looking at it. A bit of a creative way in choosing what to read.
  15. Audiobook: Never tried an audiobook? well now is your chance!
  16. Classics
  17. Murder Mystery
  18. Young Adult
  19. Middle Grade
  20. One word title
  21. Romance
  22. Sci-fi / Dystopia
  23. Graphic Novel: Graphic novels, Manga or comics.
  24. New York times bestseller
  25. Author’s first book: The first book an author ever wrote.
  26. Published the year you were born
  27. A book your parent loves
  28. Pick a book with your eyes closed: Stand in front of your shelf and pick a book without looking!
  29. Takes place in the future
  30. By an author with your initial
  31. Set on a different planet
  32. Story within a story: This is when a character from a story narrates the story.
  33. Around the world: Pick a country and dive into a book either written about it or by an author from that country.
  34. Self help
  35. Retelling
  36. Thriller
  37. Chick lit
  38. Recommended by a favorite author
  39. Historical fiction
  40. Diverse reads: Now this category includes everything diverse!
  41. A Play
  42. Read…If you liked…: Pick a favorite book or a book that you enjoyed and see what books are similar or have the same themes.
  43. Book based on your Hogwarts house: Are you a Gryyfindor, Ravenclaw, Hufflepuff or Slytherin? Find books that are recommended to your house!
  44. Empowering
  45. Paranormal
  46. Standalone
  47. Magical book
  48. Nonfiction
  49. Short book
  50. Contemporary
  51. At the bottom of your TBR
  52. Based on the cover


Now these are all the categories but we also have levels.


Level 1: Finish 1 book in each category

Level 2: Finish 2 books in each category

Level 3: Finish 3 books in each category



The point of this challenge though is to not stress ourselves out. I know the list is long but here are a few things to keep in mind:

  1. Althout there are levels you do not have to follow them.
  2. You can set a goal for the challenge like finish 26 categories or even finish 3! The point is for you to enjoy so please don’t feel pressured to finish it.





2019 Reading Challenge Template:




phonto (10)

Will you be joining me in 2019? If you have any questions don’t hesitate to ask!

16 thoughts on “2019 Reading Challenge

  1. I came across this cute and engaging activity, I decided that I will attempt to give reviews on the books that I read and publish, so an added piece to the challenge will be covering the genre and writing about the book. Thanks for providing the spark!

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